Dive Christmas Island

  • Christmas Island

    Christmas Islands is home to a multitude of flora and fauna. It is nestled in the northern part of Australia and south of Indonesia. The islands were so named as this was discovered by a British Captain in 1643 exactly on Christmas Day. Administration of the islands is under the Commonwealth of Australia.

    The group of islands prides itself with rare endangered species which have become endemic to this island territory. More than 63% of the island is now considered as national park. One can truly enjoy the sights in the island. Bird watching enthusiasts will surely be delighted to see rare species of birds in the islands which include booby and frigate birds.

    And one that should not escape anyone who plans to venture to Christmas Islands is a natural spectacle of about more 100 million crabs that will migrate from the forest going to the coast to breed and release their eggs to the sea. And after a month, one can witness the journey of baby crabs going to the forests. This natural phenomenon occurs at the start of the wet season during the months of October and November.

    Christmas Islands also is a great destination for diving enthusiasts. There are a lot of diving sites that could cater to those who want some adventures and exciting sites to explore for a magnificent diving experience.

  • Best Time to Dive

    With the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark arriving in droves by November through April every year, if one wants to witness such a sighting, then he or she must visit and go for a dive during these months. This is on cue with the red crab migration from the forests to the coasts and whale sharks feeding on planktons, will have an available food source from them. Being on the tropics, Christmas Islands can be a good diving site anytime of the year. One must consider though that from the months of December to April, the monsoon winds could bring a lot of rain, strong winds and turn the waters becoming rough during this time of the year.

  • Getting There

    There are three ways to reach Christmas Islands. If one will opt for transportation by air, there are a number of airline companies that can cater to this need. One can fly directly to Christmas Islands from Perth, Australia or he or she can do so via Cocos Islands. There are flights also from South East Asian countries. A visitor can choose to visit Christmas Island using one’s yacht. The port of call could be the Flying Fish Cove with deep water moorings which are erected in 30 meters of water. Since Flying Fish Cove is also considered as snorkeling, diving, and swimming area, yacht must not exceed 5 knots during approach. Moreover, one can prefer to visit the Christmas Islands through a cruise ship that considers Christmas Islands as one of its ports of call. You can contact your local travel coordinator to get the schedule for the cruise ship and thus facilitate your visit to the island.